Farmtastic 2021

New Year's Eve Day
Noon - 5:30 PM
December 31


RainStorm Records recording artist

Leeann Atherton

kicks off FarmTastic with her larger than life vocals, shaking your body and lifting you up! Come hear the hits from her 2021 Fallen Angel album and the songs you south-Austin hippies have come to love. If you’re not hip to Leeann’s Barn Dances, you’re out of the loop. Just sayin’.

Lemonade Records recording artist

Shelley King

is royalty in Texas. FarmTastic is honored to welcome back the first woman to be appointed Official State Musician of Texas. You need to check out this award-winning artist known for soulful vocals and powerful performances. Let’s celebrate Kick Up Your Heels, her 9th release!

On your television you may have seen

Jack Fister & Devin White

playing guitar and singing songs. These guys are regularly aired on public access TV from the Channel 16 Mojo archives. Awhile back Jack, new to town, was making friends drinking at Sam’s when he was advised to track down Devin. Catch the duo’s chemistry at FarmTastic.

From C Boys to FarmTastic

John Branch & Sam Grey Horse

delight audiences playing guitar and singing songs. John Branch, great guitar instructor as well as killer player, supplies colorful guitar work to Sam Grey Horse’s from-the-heart songs. Sam has 4 new songs produced by David Grissom. Find out all about them at FarmTastic.

Howlin' Dog Records recording artist

Mandy Rowden

returns to FarmTastic Folk Festival! Mandy just released the 10-song album Parachute, where she took on most of the instrumentation. Come find out why and check out the new powerful track Sing Hallelujah!

Break A Leg Records recording artist

Monte Warden

returns to Farmtastic to share stories and songs of the Wagoneers, the Dangerous Few, Buddy Holly, and Hank Sr. If you want to learn about hit song writing pay attention to Monte: he’s bona fide. We’re looking forward to Monte’s FarmTastic mid-afternoon set. See you there!

Deann René Records recording artists

Deann René & Kris Brown

along with the rest of Deann’s band generated a faithful and lively Saxon Pub following. The Not Crying Today album, now a few years old, soundly holds up to the test of time. Catch some of those tunes at FarmTastic and let’s find out what Kris has been spending his time on too.

From the Continental Club to FarmTastic

Jimmie Dreams & Marshall Hood

dazzle south Austin music fans almost every day. Jimmie with Earl Poole Ball on Saturday and Marshall with his band on Sunday light up their guitars at the Club all afternoon. And then all week you’ll find them in various bands all over town. Catch them together at FarmTastic.